Valikko Sulje

Building resilience / You Tell Me Collective’s event on 21st of January 2021

You Tell Me is a collective of architecture students whose goal is to promote a change of mindset in the field of construction. The biggest challenges of our time are climate change, over-consumption of natural resources and mass extinctions.

YTM evening schools are back!

Understanding eco-anxiety and other environmental emotions

Climate change, environmental crises, over-consumption of natural resources and different future images can bring about many kinds of emotions and thoughts. Are there ways to maintain your own balance and resilience when at the same time trying to cope with constant bad news and a feeling that so much more needs to be done?

Welcome to a facilitated online conversation about environmental emotions. The event will be held by psychologist Elina Marttinen from Nyyti ry, an organization that promotes students’ mental health and ability to study, and Taneli Saari, executive director of Tunne ry, an organization that helps groups and individuals process their emotions and thoughts related to climate and environmental changes and the uncertainty of the future.

The discussion will take place in a Zoom platform. A link to the event will be published on the Facebook event page before start.