Workshop in Helsinki: Understanding your eco-anxiety – Looking for balance (March 19, 2019)

Tunne ry will hold its first workshop in English. Workshop Understanding your eco-anxiety – Looking for balance is a part of Goethe x Change event series and will be held on March 19, 2019 at the Goethe Institut in Helsinki.

Are there ways to maintain your own balance and resilience whilst trying to cope with a constant stream of bad news and a feeling that so much more needs to be done? This 2-hour group workshop is specifically aimed at individuals interested in finding ways to cope with eco-anxiety. We will focus on emotions and thoughts (climate / eco anxiety and grief) and how to live with them. Together, we will create a safe place for sharing thoughts, connecting with others and finding our own ways of supporting ourselves and those dear to us when we face feelings of eco-anxiety.

However, we will not be teaching one another how to live in an eco-friendly way or argue what actions should be taken to solve climate change. This means you can join the workshop without fear of judgement, no matter what your personal views or actions concerning these issues are, as long as you remain nonjudgmental towards others as well. The workshop consists of group discussions on specific themes as well as practical tips.

The workshop is led by Sanni Saarimäki and Taneli Saari from Tunne ry. Tunne ry is a new non-profit organization that supports people emotionally burdened by climate change, an uncertain future and environmental threats.

Time: March 19, 2019 at 6–8 P.M.
Place: Goethe Institut, Salomonkatu 5 B, 00100 Helsinki
Language: English (no need to be fluent – so do not stress about language!)
Max. number of participants: 15, please register here: