Valikko Sulje


Tunne (Finnish) = emotion, feeling, sense

Tunne ry is a non-profit organization founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2018. We provide possibilities for groups and individuals to process their emotions and thoughts related to climate and environmental changes and the uncertainty of the future. Our aim is to build a world where no one is left alone with their environmental emotions.

We have implemented several workshops, lectures and counseling. Both live and online, our events and group activities have reached already a few hundred participants in total here in Finland. Our working methods are mostly based on our members’ professional backgrounds in psychology, social work, education and pedagogy and the cultural sector.

In 2020–2022 we’re taking part of a state-wide project with MIELI Mental Health Finland and Nyyti ry. The project focuses on environmental emotions and develops a group model for facilitators. In near-future, there will also be a website with information for different groups. The project is funded by Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations.

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Taneli Saari
Executive Director

Minerva Peijari

Sanni Saarimäki
Chairperson of the Board